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made by diabetics, for diabetics

Born out of a college student's need for more control in sharing her blood sugar, we are on a mission to make diabetics more prepared for low blood sugars.

Daia's Story

Before moving to college, I used to share my blood sugar with my parents. But I stopped sharing the day I moved in (sorry mom!) because I wanted independence, and because my parents lived far away and wouldn’t be able to help during a low. I didn’t want to make my roommate or RA download an app and have access to my blood sugar all of the time, so for the first time in having a CGM, I was not sharing my blood sugar with anyone. But when my blood sugar went low and I was alone in my dorm room I was scared and wondered how long it would take anyone to realize if I had a serious medical emergency.

And so, with minimal coding experience, I started developing an app to solve this problem. In 2022, I found the right co-founder and we officially incorporated as a company. In 2023 we started beta testing, and we are looking forward to our upcoming launch in 2024!

- Arianna, CEO & Co-Founder

Our Team

Arianna was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of 11. This sparked her passion for health care, as she is now pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. She has been very involved in the T1D community. She was a 2019 Children's Congress Delegate with JDRF, and is now on the leadership team for their new Advocates in Action Council. In 2023, she was a NextGen Fellow with The Diabetes Link. She was worked in laboratories studying potential cures for T1D through Stem Cell Education Therapy, and is excited to apply her technical skills to solve problems she faces as a diabetic!

Frank is a recent graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, with a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering and a Master's in Computer Science. He is passionate about creating technical solutions to solve problems in the field of health care as he currently works as a lead software engineer at a health-tech start-up. 

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